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Squash Solutions

Banana Squash Napoleon with Acorn Squash Risotto   Slice raw banana squash cut into three inch squares that are ½ inch thick. Season, oil lightly and roast until tender.  These are for the layers. Make standard risotto. When it is 2/3 finished, add acorn squash purée and parmesan cheese. To assemble, place small amount of… Read more »

Seared Nantucket Bay Scallops with Shallots, Herbs and White Wine

Seared Nantucket Bay Scallops with Shallots, Herbs and White Wine Serves 4       1          lb. Nantucket Bay scallops 2          tsp. flour 2          TBS. minced fresh shallots 1          tsp. chopped fresh thyme leaves 4          TBS. olive oil 1          cup chardonnay or champagne ½         lemon, juiced 4          TBS. unsalted butter 2          TBS. chopped tomato, seeded… Read more »

Asparagus with Lemon Sabayon Recipe

Asparagus Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette Serves 4   20        asparagus spears, lightly peeled 2          Belgian endive 2          tangerines, in peeled sections 2          TBS. fresh mint leaves, chopped ¼         cup lemon vinaigrette 1          cup mâche lettuce   Blanch asparagus in boiling salted water until just tender. Rinse in cold water to stop cooking.  Julienne the endive… Read more »

Salt Bae Cocktail Recipe

A Salty dog with house made tonic syrup: Salt Bae   Glass: Rocks 2             oz. Tree City NJ Corn Vodka ½           oz. Summer Tonic Syrup 1              oz. Grapefruit Juice Kosher Salt   Rim half of the glass with kosher salt. Combine vodka, tonic syrup, and grapefruit in weighted shaking tins. Shake well, strain into… Read more »

Tomato Martini

  Tomato Martini Yields: 1 Cocktail Glass: Martini Coupe Ingredients: 1 ½ oz.                Vodka 1 oz.                      Tomato Water ½ oz.                    Sour Mix 6 Drops              Sriracha Sauce 1 Sungold Tomato for Garnish.   Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker over ice. Shake well & strain. Garnish with a… Read more »

Tomato Water Recipe

  Make your very own consomme or tomato martinis with Chef James Laird’s Tomato Water:  Tomato Water   Yields: ~ 1 pt.   8             Large Tomatoes 1              tsp. Salt   Top a container with a coffee filter. Purée tomatoes with salt in a blender. Strain tomato purée in the prepared container for 48 hours under… Read more »

Corn Soup Recipe

3          ears fresh corn, shucked, kernels removed 1          shallot, minced 1          TBS. extra virgin olive oil ½         cup water 1          TBS. butter             salt and pepper   Sweat the shallot in the olive oil with a touch of salt for five minutes, taking care not to color the shallots. Add corn, water and butter and… Read more »

Soy Marinated Tuna with Pickled Cucumber

Serves 4 16        oz. sushi quality tuna 1          tsp. freshly ground black pepper   Marinade 1/2      cup lite soy sauce 1          tsp. wasabi powder 1          inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated 3          limes, zested and juiced 1/4      tsp. red pepper flakes 3          cloves fresh garlic, peeled and crushed  … Read more »

Serenade’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ Rub

for meats and poultry 1/4            cup ground porcini powder (dried porcini mushrooms ground in spice grinder 4 1/2         teaspoons freshly ground black pepper 4 1/2         teaspoons dark brown sugar 1              tablespoon salt 2              tablespoons ground pink peppercorns 1              teaspoons cayenne pepper 2              tablespoons chopped fresh rosemary leaves 1 1/2         teaspoons… Read more »

How To Grill Fruit (with recipes!)

    Grilling Tips   Always make sure that the grill is very hot before placing any food on it. It is also best to oil the grill after it is hot, rather than the food to avoid flare-ups. Always dry the food that you are about to grill with a towel. Season food at… Read more »