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Whishful Thinking Cocktail Recipe

Whishful Thinking   Glass:  Rocks 1 ½        oz. Bulleit Rye Whiskey 2             Slices of Lemon 1              splash Prince Pastis de Marseille 1              barspoon of simple syrup Mint Leaves for Garnish   Rinse the rocks glass with Pastis. Muddle lemons in a shaking tin…. Read more »

Spring Feeling Cocktail Recipe

Spring Feeling A delicious spring cocktail which features the fresh feeling of spring air and a wonderful light green colour. In a shaker combine over Ice:   4oz. Plymouth Gin 1oz. Green Chartreuse 1oz. Sour Mix   Shake to combine, pour contents into a rocks glass. Garnish with a lemon wedge. More Recipes

Whiskey Night – James, John, Tim – Silk City Distillery

  Taste Local Spirits! James, John and Tim will be joining us for an evening of New Jersey made whiskey and rum! From Silk City: Established in 2014, Silk City Distillers is a true handcrafted, farm to bottle distillery, located in Clifton, New Jersey. We use locally sourced corn, rye and barley (from a farm… Read more »

Roosevelt Ave. Cocktail Recipe

Glass:  Coupe Ingredients: 2 oz                       Gordon’s Gin 1/8 oz                   Simple Syrup 1/2 oz                   Green Chartreuse 1 oz                       Champagne Thyme for Garnish   Combine the Gin, simple and Chartreuse over ice in a mixing glass. Stir and strain into a coupe. Top with Champagne and garnish with a slapped sprig of thyme. More Cocktail Recipes

Syrups, Simple Recipes for Cocktails

1:1 Simple Syrup Yields: 1.16 Quarts/1000g/1.09 Liters 500g Granulated White Sugar 500g Water Combine Sugar and Water. Bring syrup close to boiling. Stir syrup to completely dissolve the sugar solids. Remove mixture from heat and allow it to cool. Refrigerate and store for up to 1 month.   Honey Syrup Yields: 0.17 Quarts/164g/.16 Liters 100g… Read more »

Winemaker Takeover – Carol Berman, Panebianco Wines featuring La Togata

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 5:30-8 PM Unbelievable wines from Tuscany! Join Carol “Take Home Sommelier” Berman famous for her Class in a Glass – in home wine classes as she leads you through wines from these unique terroirs of Montalcino. From La Togata: “The Togata is a small family company with vineyards in the south of… Read more »

Winemaker Takeover – Manuel Gonzalez/Mario Remesal, Rejadorada/Seis Quintas Martue

Thursday, May 4 2017 5:30PM-8:00PM A two for one deal! Meet Manuel from Portugal’s Seis Quintas Martue and Mario from Spain’s Rejadorada Winery and taste the reds of Portugal and Spain at their finest! From Rejadorada: “Our story begins in 1999 in a fifteenth century small palace located in Toro (Zamora), the palace of Rejadorada. Here the… Read more »

Good Thyme-ing Cocktail Recipe

Good Thyme-ing   Glass:  Coupe Ingredients: 2 oz                       Old Forrester Bourbon ½ oz                     Honey Syrup 1 oz                       Sour Mix 1 oz                       Egg White Thyme for Garnish Angostura Bitters for Garnish   You guessed it, dry shake the lemon and egg whites. Add honey and Bourbon. Shake well, strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with drops… Read more »

Winemaker Takeover – Gavin Chanin, Chanin Wines

Tuesday, April 18 2017 5:30-8:00PM Meet Gavin Chanin, master of Pinot Noir, at Restaurant Serenade.   From Gavin’s website: “The vineyards are the focus of all of our wines and each wine is made from grapes grown at one vineyard and not blended. We search out old vines, and make wine from some of the… Read more »

Winemaker Takeover – Katy Wilson, LaRue

Thursday, March 30 5:30-8:00PM Meet Katy Wilson, San Francisco Gate’s Winemaker To Watch at Restaurant Serenade! Be the only people to attend a tasting of her stunning Pinot Noir in New Jersey this Spring! It’s Pinot Time!   Katy’s Website Here More Events Like This No Reservations Required, drop in for flights of sub-atomic production Pinot Noir!