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Fall for Fall Cocktails

Fall is here, whether we like it or not, and with that come the bolder, spiced flavors of the season. To help welcome autumn, here are several seasonally inspired cocktails by some of the area’s top mixologists and restaurants.

Fall Cocktail Clinic

  Want to learn from an award winning mixologist? Step behind a professional bar and mix ’em with one of New Jersey’s best. Recipes, samples, and hors d’oeuvre! Sunday, September 11, 2016 4PM-5PM  35- per person (stay for dinner!)  

Catch ’em All: Japanese Grapefruit Sour

When Chef James sent me the latest from Baldor’s seasonal and fresh cocktail ingredients, the Japanese ingredients stood out. With interesting fruits like Yuzu or red and green Shiso leaves, my mind started to wonder. Behold: “Catch ’em All” Catch ’em All 2 oz. Gin 1/2 oz. Yuzu Juice 1/2 oz. Shiso Leaf Simple Syrup*… Read more »

Summer Cocktails: The Powder Monkey

Powder Monkey with barrel aged rum, Vermut, and bitters. We geek out on single barrel Bourbon, swoon over Single Malt Scotch, argue over which vodka is the purest expression of ethanol, but rum hasn’t been taken seriously when it comes time to make an honestly good cocktail. Forget the Malibu bay breeze or the Captain and Coke for… Read more »

Chef James’ Grill Tips and Barbeque Rub Recipe

Chef Laird’s Grilling Tips: James Laird has three great grilling tips to make the most flavorful food from your grill with ease this year. Heat Make sure your grill is very hot. Pre-heat your grill to as hot as you can. A hot grill will prevent your food from sticking, accelerate the caramelization of your meats, and produce… Read more »

Perfectly Poached Eggs, an Interview with Chef James Laird

This week we spent some time over a pot of hot water with Chef James, here are his secrets to the best Poached Eggs in North Jersey:     RS: James, what’s your secret to the perfect poach? CJ: I have a few secrets. Always use the freshest eggs possible, it’s worth it to pay… Read more »