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Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Eggless Chocolate Mousse

Braised Pork with Prunes and Riesling

Braised Hawaiian Pork with Prunes and Riesling Serves 6 3 lbs. boneless pork shoulder or “picnic butt” 3 medium onions 1 head fresh garlic ¼ cup canola oil 1 bunch fresh thyme 1 cinnamon stick 2 cups dried prunes 2 bottles dry Riesling 2 TBS. all-purpose flour salt and pepper to taste Cut the pork… Read more »

Pecan-Crusted Warm Chocolate Tart With Secret Center

PECAN-CRUSTED WARM CHOCOLATE TART WITH SECRET CENTER © James Laird 4 servings Chocolate Pecan Dough 8 oz unsalted butter (2 sticks) 1 cup sugar 2 eggs 1/4 cup cocoa powder 1 cup flour 1 cup ground pecans Cream butter and sugar well.  Mix in eggs one at a time. Add in flour, cocoa powder until… Read more »

Linzer Cookies

Linzer Cookies ¾ 1b. all purpose flour 1 TBS. cinnamon ¾ tsp. ground cloves 9 oz sugar ¾ lb. sweet butter 5 egg yolks 9 oz. hazelnuts, finely ground 1 TBS. lemon zest, minced 1 cup seedless raspberry jam powdered sugar for dusting (optional) Sift flour, cinnamon and cloves together. Cream butter and sugar until… Read more »

Autumn Chopped Salad

Autumn Chopped Salad Serves 2 1          Butternut squash, small 1          TBS. butter 1          cup celery root (celeriac), diced 1          head fennel, diced 2          cups assorted lettuces 1          cup cherry tomatoes cut in half 2          TBS. pine nuts slightly toasted 1          apple grated 2          tsp. coriander seed slightly toasted (from garden)   2          tsp. fennel seed slightly… Read more »

Serenade Cosmopolitan

Serenade Cosmopolitan Glass: Martini Dried cranberries                    2 oz. Ketel One Citron                     7 oz. Cointreau                                .25 oz Cranberry juice                        splash Fresh lime juice                      splash Fresh lemon twist                  one   Combine cranberries and 4 oz of vodka. Allow to sit for at least 24 hours. Combine all other ingredients except twist in cocktail shaker over ice. Place… Read more »

Juniper Dusted Venison with Autumn Fruits and Vegetables

Juniper-Dusted Venison with Autumn Fruits and Vegetables Serves 4 James Laird   Ingredients:  4          5 oz boneless venison medallion, from saddle 3          TBS. crushed juniper 1          TBS. butter 2          Golden Delicious apples, peeled and quartered 24        seedless red grapes, peeled 1          cup pearl onions, roasted 4          roasted chestnuts, shelled 1          cup Brussels sprouts, roasted 1         … Read more »

Apple Upside-Down Cake

Apple Upside-Down Cake Recipe by James Laird Filling 2 eggs 1⁄4  cup sugar 1⁄4  cup cream fraiche 1⁄4  vanilla bean, split and scraped 1⁄4  cup all-purpose flour Apples 1⁄4 cup sugar  1⁄4 cup water  5 apples, peeled and cut into quarters – use a mixture of varieties like Cortland, Mackintosh, and Golden Delicious 1. Preheat… Read more »

Stone Fence Cocktail

Stone Fence Cocktail Glass: Rocks  Ingredients: 2 oz. Maker’s Mark bourbon 5 oz. fresh apple cider 1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice 3 dashes of simple syrup, optional apple slice for garnish cherry for garnish   Build in a tumbler with ice. Garnish with an apple slice and cherry.

Saints and Zingers Recipe

Saints and Zingers Glass: Rocks Ingredients: 3 oz. Vodka ½ oz. Grapefruit Simple Syrup ¼ oz St. Germain ½ oz Sour Mix Build all ingredients in a rocks glass. Stir to combine. Garnish with a lime wedge.