Asparagus Soup Recipe

Fresh Asparagus Soup with

Cherry Tomatoes, Morels and Mint

6 Servings


4          cups asparagus, cooked and cut into one inch pieces

1          TBS fresh shallot, minced

1          TBS. fresh thyme leaves, chopped

3          cups vegetable stock

1          TBS. EVO (extra virgin olive oil)

2          TBS. butter

6          cherry tomatoes, cut in quarters

1          cup cleaned fresh morels, sliced

2          sprigs fresh mints, chopped plus 6 plushes


  1. Sweat shallots in one TBS. butter until sweet and tender. Add morels and cook until they give up their water.
  2. Purée the asparagus and vegetable stock in a blender. Season with salt and pepper.  Heat until warm.
  3. Place all in blender and purée until smooth, adding the EVO at the end.
  4. Sauté morels in a small about of olive oil until tender. Season to taste.
  5. Mix tomatoes, morels and mint with a little olive oil. Divide equally among six soup bowls.  Ladle hot soup over tomato mixture.  Garnish with mint plushes.

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