Summer Cocktails: The Powder Monkey

Powder Monkey with barrel aged rum, Vermut, and bitters.

We geek out on single barrel Bourbon, swoon over Single Malt Scotch, argue over which vodka is the purest expression of ethanol, but rum hasn’t been taken seriously when it comes time to make an honestly good cocktail.

Forget the Malibu bay breeze or the Captain and Coke for a moment because there are some seriously good rums out there worth finding. Not only will a good rum set the stage for a great cocktail but it will also give you something special, terroir.

A dark and serious rum can tell you it’s from the English speaking islands such as Antigua or Trinidad and Tobago. Rhum Agricole from Haiti and Martinique are produced exclusively from sugar cane instead of molasses. Rum from Panama or the Dominican Republic are typically aged in oak barrels and can be sipped like a fine Scotch.

For this cocktail recipe we use Montanya Oro rum from Colorado. This is 100% molasses based and aged in American oak barrels. Try this one at home:

Powder Monkey

Glass: Martini


1 ½      oz. Montanya Oro Barrel Aged Rum

½         oz. Egg White

½         oz. Sour Mix

½         oz. Vermut Spanish Vermouth

2          Dashes Orange Bitters

1          Bar Spoon Simple Syrup

1          Pickled Pineapple


  1. Dry Shake Egg White and Sour Mix.
  2. Add Rum, Simple Syrup, and Vermut.
  3. Add Ice and shake well.
  4. Strain into Martini Glass
  5. Garnish with a wedge of Pickled Pineapple.


For the Pickled Pineapple: Combine ½ cup of rice wine vinegar with ¼ cup of sugar and 1 cup of water. Bring to a boil. Pour over pineapple wedges. Allow to cool then refrigerate.